mardi 20 juillet 2010

Miqi O. by Alice Dufay

Did you know that talented artist called ALICE DUFAY ?!
You should...
Go see her page : ALICE DUFAY

Among others, you'll see that series of "Faceless", related to the project "Beats & Faces" that you might have heard about... This is a portrait serie of activist in Beat Community, such as Fulgeance, DéBruit, 1000Names, Hudson Mohawke, fLako, Dorian Concept, Architeq, Mike Slott, Mondayjazz, YoggyOne, Onra, my homey Moog and many more...

I've got the great honor to be part of it.. Yeah!!
Here is my faceless by Alice Dufay:

Narqo by Alice Dufay
Thanks Alice !

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