mardi 20 juillet 2010

Untold # I

Start !

First ep is designed by
Thomas Huot-Marchand (, rather well-known in the world of typography.
He made some wonderful work recently for "Le Musée d'Orsay" (Paris), and a little before that, for the "Musiques de Rues" festival, that took place in Besançon 2 years ago.
He also created our dope "Funk Doubistes" logo and take part in the design of the cubes especially made for the Boogieboxxx 01 (collab with Akroe, Ease &Tabas).
It's been a while that we talk about working together on a common project...
I'm very happy that finally comes the oppotunity and the result is killer !!!


<a href="">01 - Changes by Miqi O.</a>

Tracklist du Ep:

01 - Changes
02 - Funky Ish
03 - A Bit Light To Deem

available here : for only 2€

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