mardi 20 juillet 2010

The Instant Of Now Moment mix, for Perf10

Special mix for !

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by Remedy
Check it !

"The time has come, and now we’re excited to release new mix made by our great fellow from France – Miqi O. He’s a member of group called Electrons Libres (Zo aka La Chauve-souris & Miqi O.) and he also represents Honeyboxxx, Le Retour du Boogie and Boogieboxx DJ crews.
Earlier I posted about “Untold” EP he released lately and now we got a fresh ‘The Instant of Now Moment‘ mix to lay on the table. Even tho it’s 10 tracks, the mix is really different, but stays in the same theme. Really interesting selection!
Check out the mix, there’s some unreleased material and a track from “Untold


01. VLooper – Papaye [Tout'Nou]
02. Infinite Potentials & B$Q – $130000 Quartet [Indigo Pyramids]
03. Miqi O. – A Bit Light To Deem [FKDB]
04. Downlink – Talk Dubby To Me [Filthy Digital]
05. Mono/Poly – Ground Beef [Unreleased]
06. YoggyOne – Jokeboxxx [Eklektik]
07. Himuro Yoshiteru – Do What U Must Do [Free/Bandcamp]
08. Zo aka La chauve-souris – Ignition [Eklektik]
09. Demokracy – Ghost 5 [Free/Soundcloud]
10. Devonwho – KateringCompany 94 [Unreleased]

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