mardi 20 juillet 2010

Untold #I Bloggerz

Since now, i'll try to list all the articles about the Untold series post by all those underground HARDworker that support our music.

Thx Bloggerz !!!

Ms. Notorious Addictive : Miqi O. : Untold #I
Stereotree : O que c'est bon !
Ficus Fresh Beats : MIQI O "Untold" coming out sooon !!
HillBillBlogIlly : Miqi O. - untold#1
CHYZ 94,3 FM : Miqi O.
Perf10': Miqi O. Untold#I Teaser / Exclusive preview..
The Iki : Miqi O. - Untold #1

More soon..

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